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76% of PPC ad spend fails to produce a single conversion.
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J. Pushkraj CEO

If you’re looking for a fast return on investment (ROI), you’ll want to work with a pay per click marketing agency. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has expertise in creating campaigns in Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media, and more.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great approach for long-term growth, sometimes you really need an immediate boost. Thrive offers PPC campaign management, ensuring that the money you spend is put to work for your business.


Ongoing PPC Improvements

Manual bid optimizations

Keyword match type selections

Quality score improvements

A/B ad/image split testing

Keyword refinement/expansion

Competitor watching

Negative keyword additions

Image ad creation & split testing

Single keyword ad group creation

Retargeting campaign tactics

PPC call tracking

Traffic quality improvements

ROI conversion tracking

Display campaign targeting

Analytics improvements

Bid modifiers

Geo-targeting improvements

Day parting improvements

Ad extension granularity

New beta releases

Why work with a PPC Ads Agency?

Google Certified PPC experts

In Kalpraj Solutions all of our clients had held a Google skill test to prove their ability and knowledge of Google related services like Google ads, Google analytics, Google my business, etc. Every PPC expert had passed these exams with a 100% score so we are definitely sore that you will only get quality work.

Access to dedicated PPC experts

At PPC Ads Agency, we believe that our job as your PPC ads agency is to make a technical, complicated, and sometimes amazing internet marketing process as simple as possible for our clients.

One of many ways to do this was to giving a dedicated PPC expert to our every PPC client we have set it to make sure that our 1 PPC Expert will handle only 5 clients per month to maintain the quality and dedication of the ad.

You will get to understand your PPC specialist very well and they will get to know your business and understand your unique needs. We will become your outsourced online marketing department.

Extreme customer focus

At PPC Ads agency of Kalpraj Solutions, we are building a way of extreme customer focus. John Spence, in his book Awesomely Simple, says, “the only sustainable competitive differentiator left to most businesses today is creating a culture of continuous innovation and extreme customer focus driven by highly talented people.” We believe in owning the voice of our clients and work hard to show it.

Armando Harris

I was looking for page one ranking for my website and worked with a number of Digital Marketing agencies for that. But my expectations were met only by PPCAds.Agency as Kalpraj Solutions knows their work very well.

Armando Harris

Florence Alvarez

Working with Kalpraj Solutions’ PPC Ads marketing agency we have seen improvement in our website ranking on google and ROI of ads Is improving. Their landing page designs are really creating magic in google and Facebook ads. They know what they are doing.

Florence Alvarez


We are a satisfied client of The PPC Ads Agency. Our traffic has increased substantially as well as a significant increase in the quality of our leads.



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